From Coaches

“We wouldn’t be able to keep them in stock…”

“I’m kinda speechless at the moment…”

“I think it pretty affordable…”

“For all my pitchers we had like 5 different cards, so it’d be nice to consolidate everything”

“This is the best thing in the world that is coming. We are going to win with these. It is unreal.”

*UPDATE NOTE* Using the Armilla products, the Langley Rams went on to win the Cullen Cup 2021 and the 113th Canadian Bowl 2021 – the first in franchise history. In addition, the BC U/17 and U/18 teams beat Alberta 2021 using Armilla’s communication system.

Coach Cory Philpot

Head Coach Langley Rams, Head Coach BC Team U/17 and U/18 2021, ASYS Owner, Canada

“I understand the challenges and pressure of coaches communicating to their players or the players communicating to their coaches on the sidelines. 

Armilla’s technology is cutting edge and an ingenious contribution to the sports market at all levels.” 

Milton Powell

Youth Football Coach/Businessman/Inventor


“Applying Armilla technology helps us make our plays faster, concentrate more on the game, and better manage our physical capacity because we do not huddle.    

We perform more, our plays are safe, and it does not interfere or bother the player(s).

Coach Carlos Millan Salcedo

Tampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico


“This product is great for calling plays with efficiency and I am very excited to use it. I would find a way to make sure my team gets this product.”

Coach Mike Wells

Highschool Head Coach, USA


“Armilla is a great system and is really simple to use.”

Coach Ken Sieben

Offense Coordinator of the U/17 BC Team 2021, Canada


“I really like the idea and believe that we can utilize it to help our football program.”

David Gilpon

Athletic Coordinator, High School Head Coach


“I learned this in about 5 mins.

It was that easy”

Coach Bryan Otte

Coach of the Leyden Bears 2021, UYFL, USA


“Armilla is the future of football…” 

“I am very excited about promoting Armilla because it is the next cutting edge technology product that will take sports to the highest level of competition.” 

John Gregory

8-time Hall of Fame Coach in the NCAA, CFL, and Arena Leagues, Canada

From Players

“Armilla is a revolutionary and COVID-proof device that makes social distancing possible by avoiding (‘nervous’ and time-wasting) huddles. 

With Armilla each player will know their next play, without exceptions, and there is no room for confusion.

Ambra Marcucci

Player for Reno Storm – Women’s football Alliance (WFA), USA


“After reviewing the video of how the arm wrist coach works, it’s a must have for us. We not only endorse this product, but we would like to be one of the experimental participants for the arm coach. 

My son Jarvis Anderson is profoundly deaf and is an amazing athlete, and often communication with him on the field is lost or delayed. 

However, the arm wrist coach directly communicates with him via text. This is an answer to our prayers.” 

Tommie Garner

Father of deaf athlete Jarvis Anderson, USA


“I will no longer be considered handicapped using the Armilla wristband”


Jarvis Garner

Deaf Athlete


“The Armilla system is awesome. It makes everything so efficient.”

Michael Calvert

#18 Starting QB Langley Rams 2021, USA

“It was super light. Protects me from head tackles”

Devon Ray

Starting QB Leyden Bears 2021, UYFL, USA

Community and Advocates

“Armilla is the future of football…” 

I am very excited about promoting Armilla because it is the next cutting edge technology product that will take sports to the highest level of competition.” 

Byron Williams

Former President NFLPA Dallas, NFLPA Former Players Board of Directors, 13 Seasons in the NFL, CFL, and World League


That’s what came to mind when I first saw Armilla in action…  

Therefore, as executive director for United Youth Football I adapted our rules to accommodate the full use of this product. It will make a difference!”

Tony Arena

Executive director UYFL

“Armilla is designed and manufactured to be affordable for use at all levels from youth to professional. I look forward to seeing how quickly Armilla technology is implemented around the world.”

Executive Director – NFL Alumni Academy at NFL Alumni Association, USA