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Coach to player communication system

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Execute Faster

With 3 dynamic play calling methods, 2 ways to store your plays, and only 1 better way to call plays, Armilla is hands down the fastest play calling system in the market


Less Confusion

No more miscommunication, misread signs, or time spent creating play calling sheets. Have an entire playbook filtered in seconds

Quick Adapting

Never reprint another play sheet in your coaching career! Add, edit, or remove your plays on the sideline in real time. 


No Signs

Don’t waste another second teaching or reinventing any signals or signs and protect your plays through our state-of-the-art play calling tech.

Don’t waste another minute.
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The Armilla system makes team communication fast, clear and secure. Every unit is built tough to handle hits, collisions, and the general wear and tear that comes with playing the game.

We’re changing the game. Don’t get left behind.

Technology In Action


About the Armilla System

Instant text communication from coach to player

Store and call an unlimited number of plays on a single device

Run up to 3x more practice reps

Speed up time between plays and put a stop to sideline sprints

Eliminate signal stealing

Eliminate miscommunication and play-calling mistakes

Control the game tempo

Make real-time adjustments

Save energy and increase player stamina

Eliminate crowd noise interruptions

Reduce or eliminate the need for huddles

No Wi-fi, cellular or Bluetooth required

Simplify game planning and save prep time

The Future of Football Starts Today!

Armilla Advantage - Electronic Play Calling and Pitch Calling Technology - Anti sign stealing

Armilla’s innovative, wearable play calling system streamlines the process of communication between coaches and players. 

With the click of a button, coaches securely send plays in split seconds to players on the field. No more signaling, yelling play calls, or sprinting plays into the huddle.

Players receive plays on a ruggedized wristband with a protected, easy-to-read screen. No noise, confusion, or miscommunication.

The Armilla system was developed to be safe, secure, and a total game changer!

Peer Testimonials

Coach Wells

“This product is great for calling plays with efficiency and I am very excited to use it. I would find a way to make sure my team gets this product.”

Milton Powell

Youth Football

“When I was first introduced to Armilla my passion for coach and player communication was ignited again. Armilla’s technology is cutting edge and an ingenious contribution to the sports market at all levels.”

Ambra Marcucci


“This game winning device is exactly what the sports industry needs in order to keep moving forward.”

League Approved







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