Armilla FAQs

Q: How do I scan and pair my wrist receivers for available devices to pair?

A: Click on devices, select the + symbol, pair new device, and select start scan

Q: How do I put my wrist receiver in pairing mode?

A: Double click the power button within 1 second. If you do not click it fast enough, it will not go into pairing mode. It will remain in pairing mode for 30 seconds.

Q: How do I reset the wrist receiver / make it forget a tablet and pair a new one?

A: Your wrist receiver will automatically add a second tablet to pairing if you only have 1 tablet paired. If you want to erase the tablets that the wrist receiver is currently paired to, press the power button 3 times while holding down the 3rd click. Your wrist receiver will display it is erasing tablet information and immediately go into pairing mode.

Q: How do I edit/remove/rename a wrist receiver?

A: Go to devices, press and hold on the device you want to edit/remove/rename, and select your option

Q: How many wrist receivers can be connected to 1 tablet?

A: You can connect up to 22 receivers to 1 tablet

Q: Can 1 receiver be connected to multiple tablets?

A: Yes, you can connect 1 wrist receiver to 2 tablets for players on offense & defense for example. Make sure that the receivers are on the same channel though. You can view the tutorial by hovering over “In-Play” and selecting “How-to’s”

Q: How long does the battery last?

A: The Wrist Receivers last up to 72 hours in between 50˚ F / 10˚ C and 104˚ F / 40˚ C and has a heated system to ensure it works in cold weather games too. The Command Center will last up to 36 hours of game play

Q: How do the Armilla devices communicate?

A: Armilla created its own independent functioning communication protocol that can virtually work anywhere. Thus, no cellular, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth is being used to prevent signal clashes

Q: What if there are multiple games playing at once?

A: Armilla’s communication tech has a channel change feature that allows up to 15 different channels to be used to ensure everyone can function on a separate communication channel

Q: How much do the wristbands weigh?

A: Approximately 4 oz / 113g

Q: Is the wrist receiver and command center durable?

A: Yes! Both the tablet and receivers have been built be to withstand rain, impact, and extreme hot/cold weather. Certified by TUV for safety and impact tested to withstand your everyday sports activities. 

Q: How far does the signal reach?

A: The Armilla Tech Communication protocol reaches up to 180 yards with direct line of sight

Q: What is the cost of the subscription?

A: 3 tiers of subscription allow you to have more tablets on one account for larger groups.

  • Tier 1 (Rookie) = up to 2 tablets is $500 annually (USD)
  • Tier 2 (Pro) = up to 4 tablets is $1,000 annually (USD)
  • Tier 3 (Elite) = up to 8 tablets $1,500 annually (USD)
Q: How long is my subscription active for?

A: When you purchase your system, your first year is completely FREE. After year 1, your subscription will need to be renewed annual. 

Q: Can someone steal my plays?

Every play call is backed by a 3-tier security system, which includes address recognition, frequency designation, and 128-bit end-to-end encryption.