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Meet the next generation coach to player communication system

“As we move forward in technology, different things have been presented to USSSA as a sanction. Some have been better than others. Your arm band has been shown to us and has been proven to be effective.”


It's Official


It is your turn to gain the competitive advantage that Armilla Technology brings to the field

Grand Slam

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Execute Faster

Control the pace of play and speed up your pitching sequence. Empower your players and keep your opponents guessing. 


Less Confusion

Communicate with your ENTIRE TEAM. Let your infield and outfield know what pitch is coming to keep everyone at the ready.


Customized Calls

Customize your entire call sheet for your program. Select up to 4 options of pitch, location, infield, and outfield adjustments


No Signs

Remove any lurking eyes constantly trying to steal your signs and predict your next move. Secure your communication with on-demand play calls. 

Don’t waste another minute.
Get The Armilla Electronic Play Calling System today!


The Armilla system makes team communication fast, clear and secure. Every unit is built tough to handle hits, collisions, and the general wear and tear that comes with playing the game.

We’re changing the game. Don’t get left behind.

Technology In Action


About the Armilla System

Instant text communication from coach to player

Store and call an unlimited number of plays on a single device

Speed up pitching sequence

Keep players focused and in rhythm

Eliminate signal stealing

Eliminate miscommunication and play-calling mistakes

Control the game tempo

Make real-time adjustments

Save energy and increase player stamina

Eliminate crowd noise interruptions

Reduce or eliminate the need for huddles

No Wi-fi, cellular or Bluetooth required

Simplify game planning and save prep time

The Future of Baseball Starts Today!

Armilla Advantage - Electronic Play Calling and Pitch Calling Technology - Anti sign stealing

Armilla’s innovative, wearable play calling system streamlines the process of communication between coaches and players. 

With the click of a button, coaches securely send plays in milliseconds to players on the field. No more signaling, printing and rotating several call cards, or teaching new signs. 

Players receive plays on a ruggedized wristband with a protected, easy-to-read screen. No noise, confusion, or miscommunication.

The Armilla system was developed to be safe, secure, and a total game changer!

Peer Testimonials

Coach Cam Frick

“The Armilla Tech Baseball product was a game changer for our team. It allowed us to communicate signals to our players in a way that we knew they would understand while knowing the other team would not be able to decipher.”

Coach Juan Morales

“I really liked the system, it is fast and loved that it does not rely on Wi-Fi. The system will help educate players and keep the bench involved in the game. Armilla protects my signals from being stolen. The product is affordable and easy to use. It is going to help the game of baseball”

Coach Jorge

“Armilla is very good system and will improve the game and plays. This system will keep my signals secure. I liked how I can move my outfield in/out/left/right without having to yell at them. My messages and plays are sent within milliseconds to my players. I could send custom motivational messages to my team and the best part is it took 5 minutes to learn the system.”

League Approved

Fast Pitch / Baseball

College / Baseball

College / Baseball

College / Baseball

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