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We Are Changing the Game.

A complete overhaul for team communication. The Armilla system provides players with clear, visual updates directly on the field.

See the Armilla Tech system in action!

The Armilla Advantage

Instant Communication

With the click of a button, coaches can securely send plays in milliseconds to players on the field. No more signaling, yelling play calls, or running someone to the huddle.

Clear Instructions

No misscommunication between coaches and players. Coaches will send their exact play call in real time to the player’s wrist receivers

Quick Adjustments

Armilla allows coaches to add and edit plays on the sideline and during the game and halftime to make quick adjustments as all coaches do 

The System


Ease of USE

With 3 dynamic ways of calling plays, the user-friendly system allows each coach to communicate with their preferred method


Whether you are on the sideline or in the sky box, the Armilla communication system can reach up to 180 yards


All communication is backed by a 3-tier security system, including end-to-end encryption



Whether it is during the day or Friday night lights, the crisp display helps players read it with a quick glance to get back to the game


Designed to function just like the paper wristbands, players will hardly notice the device on their arm


Certified by TUV for impact and safety testing, Armilla is built to last and endure the hard hits in every day football

Developed to be safe, secure, and an absolute GAME CHANGER

Approved by many, wanted by all

The Proof

“This product is great for calling plays with efficiency and I am very excited to use it. I would find a way to make sure my team gets this product.”

Coach Wells

“When I was first introduced to Armilla my passion for coach and player communication was ignited again. Armillas technology is cutting edge and an ingenious contribution to the sports market at all levels.”

Milton Powell - Youth Football


“This game winning device is exactly what the sports industry needs in order to keep moving forward.”

Ambra Marcucci




Starting at $1489.00

The Armilla system makes team communication fast, clear and secure. Every unit is built tough to withstand the impacts of the daily collisions that we experience in contact sports such as football. 

We’re enhancing the way sports are played. Don’t get left behind.