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Includes one (1) tablet and two (2) wristbands.

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Includes one (1) tablet and two (2) wristbands.

The Armilla Tech communication device consists of a tablet that works through our own patented and created communication protocols that allows teams to finally bring coach-to-player communication into the 21st century. With an advanced play calling experience comes advanced technology. The wrist device accompanied by this tablet allows the player to receive plays and messages on their arm in split seconds. No more signal stealing, no more wasting time teaching signals. No more yelling plays or holding up signs. This is the Armilla Tech communication device.

Tablet: The rugged design of the tablet helps keep the electronics safe from impact and drops. The waterproof design, insulation and protective sealants allows for rain, dust, snow and all storms to test the safeguarded technology inside. The tablet emits a 360° signal up to 185 yards covering a large enough range for more than 2x the distance you would ever need.

Wrist Receiver: The wrist receiver is encased inside a micro-welded, hard plastic interior to keep it water proof. The wrist receiver will function at sub-zero temperatures thanks to a heater that will keep the screen and battery functioning normally. The cutting edge tech will also keep your plays safe with end-to-end encryption, an easy pairing mode and your own frequency to freely communicate on.

The app: Make technology simple and easy. Import your plays from a .csv file to create your library in the snap of a finger or create your very own constructed play sheet and color-code and rename your headers and make it your own. The Armilla Tech app focuses on making the app custom to you and the ease of use and makes the app and play calling experience a simplified process. Simply pair the wrist bands, start up a game, and you are well on your way to calling plays. While these are the basic elements of the app, please visit the “How To” section to see all the features our app has to offer.


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